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21 Stubborn Cats Who Don't Care About Your Rules

They're not screwing around.

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1. This kitten who is asserting her dominance from the get-go.

2. This cat who doesn't want to use the knife, but will if she has to.

3. Frickin' Gizmo.

4. This cat who would rather everyone just not.

5. And this one who simply takes the holidays very seriously, and makes everyone else do the same.

6. This cat who is just teaching her puppy early on who's boss.

7. And this kitty who clearly has established himself.

8. This cat who doesn't fuck with vegetables.

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9. And this miscreant who doesn't fuck with fruits.

10. This lady who has her standards and isn't going to lower them.

11. This cat who decides when you sleep and when you don't.

12. And this one who decides when you work.

Sorry @guardian I can't write my column today because my cat literally won't let me

13. This lil' dude who takes a gentler but equally effective tactic.

14. This guy who has ONE rule: "Move your feet, lose your seat."

15. This law enforcer who does NOT allow privacy.

16. And this guy who DARES you to try taking his box away before he's done with it.

17. This queen who doesn't even have to exert too much energy to rule her kingdom.

18. And this one whose kingdom is endless.

19. This cat who will allow pets, until she's had enough.

20. This cat who completely disregards "authority."

21. And finally, this kitten who attacks who she wants, when she wants.

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