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    Posted on Jul 23, 2016

    16 Grandma's Dogs Living Their Blessed Lives

    Literally the most spoiled dogs on the planet.

    1. There's probably a very specific face that pops into your head when you hear "Grandma's dog," even if you don't know one yourself.

    2. You picture a stout lil' dog living a protected, spoiled life.

    3. Grandma's dogs are always center stage.

    4. They're always sitting on a lap, giving you a look.

    5. Grandma usually has a shrine dedicated to them.

    6. And wallet-sized photos to show the ladies at the supermarket.

    7. And if she doesn't have wallet-sized photos, it's because she takes her dog everywhere for people to see themselves.

    y'all my grandma brought her dog in Publix 😂🙃

    8. She doesn't go lightly on the treats when it comes to her baby.

    9. Yet despite all these treats and spoiling, THE DOG IS ALWAYS STILL A MEANIE-HEAD.


    11. You think Gram would put her good pillows on the floor for anyone else?

    12. They're almost always right at her side, getting their special treatment.

    13. And they're not always the most...photogenic.

    14. But Grandma sure thinks they are the light of the world.

    15. Even when they resemble Founding Fathers.

    16. But no matter what, no matter how weird-looking or spoiled or pudgy they may be, there will always be a special place in your heart for Grandma's pup. / Via


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