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    16 Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Whose Favorite Child Is The Dog

    Happy Mother's Day, from your second-favorite child.

    1. This shirt that says what everyone else already knows.

    Get it from MuscleHound Apparel.

    2. And this funny but also very helpful dog tag.

    3. This beautiful necklace that is sure to make your mother smile.

    4. This tote bag she'll use so much, you'll get tired of seeing it.

    5. And this mug, a staple for anyone who loves their dog(s) more than the world itself.

    6. This GoPro dog harness, so she can have videos to show at all future family functions.

    7. This truthful welcome sign.

    8. A subscription to BarkBox, the monthly gift box for dogs and their humans.

    9. This frame set, in which you could put her dog's photo in the middle. Or just make it entirely the dog.

    10. A custom cookie cutter of her most beloved child.

    11. This silly lamp, to further light up her life.

    12. Or these candles made from rescued wine bottles — the profits help support rescued dogs!

    13. This shirt, for the days she does laundry.

    14. Or maybe this cute lint roller as a more practical option.

    15. This on-the-go cup for when she can't have the dog with her.

    16. And finally, this special wineglass for the moms who appreciate some quality time relaxin' with their favorite child.