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21 Adorable Stuffed Animals For Grown-Ass Adults


1. Any adult clinging to childhood is going to need a penguin in a costume.

There are so many to choose from, here.

2. And this stuffed blobfish that is both a comfort and a conversation piece.

3. This life-size BB-8 that isn't really an animal, but you're an adult looking at a stuffed animals post so who are you to complain?

4. While we're at it, here's a plush pizza slice that is also not an animal, nor a thing to complain about.

5. Maybe you're more in need of this Shiba plushie that WAGS ITS TAIL.

Get it from Otaku Mode.

6. And this collection of tiny cats for the cat ladies who for some reason can't have a REAL cat.

Also from Otaku Mode. They know what we need.

7. This snuggle buddy who comes with a blanket so you can claim that's the reason you bought it.

8. This tiny fleece birdie that you can hide in your pocket and be comforted by when you're out in the harsh, harsh world.

9. An encouraging-looking Yeti that will inspire you to keep believing in your stupid-ass dreams.

10. And this manatee that will be your MAN-atee...idk never mind.

11. Perhaps you'd want this chinchilla that you could pass as the real thing if you're THAT worried about being caught with a kids' toy.

12. There's also this sneaky method of ordering a Build-A-Bear online, so nobody will ever know except you and the delivery guy.

13. This friggin' adorable narwhal that will help brighten shitty days.

14. And these insufferably cute plush otters, perfect for clinging to after breakups and/or stressful work weeks.

What do you know? Otaku Mode, again!

15. This really cool Ursa Major constellation, which also happens to glow in the dark.

16. You could get a stuffed animal version of your beloved pet, to always have them with you.

17. You could also not be an asshole and buy a plush from the World Wildlife Fund, where the money goes toward conservation.

18. Perhaps you need a sloth, because honestly, who doesn't need a sloth?

19. And this octopus who will supply you with EIGHT ARMS worth of hugs when life is being an ass.

20. This corgi or pug "pillow," so you can masquerade as an adult with an interesting home decor taste as opposed to an adult who needs a stuffed animal.

We all know it's a goddamn stuffed animal. Found at ModCloth.

21. Or you could kick adulthood in its dumb, fugly face and purchase this giant-ass teddy bear.