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19 Reasons Chickens Are Actually The Cutest

Seriously. Chickens are cute.

1. Chickens give the best hugs.

2. You can meet a chicken and become friends right away.

3. They are the peacekeepers of the animal world.

4. And they are the best mothers, even if their children do look a little weird.

5. You never really know when you will be blessed by the presence of a chicken.

6. And when it happens, you feel great about it and want to share it with the world.

7. Plus, baby chickens are really good at being temporary hats.

8. And they can pull off hats themselves.

Instagram: @fabulousfowl

Beautiful chickens in hats photography by Fabulous Fowl.

9. Chickens look GREAT in sweaters, too.

10. They're really good at pulling pranks.

11. And they don't mind wearing diapers indoors, 'cause they know it's funny.


13. Sometimes chickens are just so oblivious, it's actually adorable.

14. Chickens are simply magnificent.

15. And they run with speed and composure.

16. The chicken dance is the best dance.

17. And chicken shoulder selfies are the best kind of selfies.

18. So get ready to ride on into the Chicken Fan Club, everybody.

19. Because chickens are the cutest lil' rock stars and it's time they get the attention they deserve.