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    Posted on Jun 5, 2016

    18 Adorable Ducklings Living Their Best Little Duckling Lives

    Quack, quack!

    1. This tiny driver ready to take her sweet ride out for a spin.

    2. This little chub.

    3. And this tiny baby who is definitely not falling asleep right now.

    4. This genius who discovered bread is much better as a raft.

    5. This small fellow who is re-enacting a scene from "Are You My Mother?"

    6. This miniscule rebel who will not eat his dinner under any circumstances.

    7. This little adventurer at the helm of her ship.

    8. And Ned.

    9. The bundle of fluffy feathers.

    10. And this Sassypants.

    11. This cool kid who totally meant to do that.

    12. This handful of disgruntled cuteness.

    13. This little lad making his way downtown.

    14. This popular duckling saying hello to all his friends.

    15. This angel who weighs 7 blocks.

    16. All of these babies getting ready for their swim lesson.

    17. These wonderful listeners.

    Flickr: sbern / Via Creative Commons

    18. And this little yellow duckling who is very happy to see you!

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