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21 Dogs Who Will Make You Believe In Happiness

If you're ever sad, just remember that dogs exist.

1. Happiness exists because this Bernie in a basket exists.

2. Because tiny beings like this little buddy walk around with the sole job of being cute.

3. It's a happy thing to see this dog who is VERY serious about his pink goggles.

4. Or this buddy who is smiling despite the mess he created.

5. This pal wants you to remember it's somebody's birthday somewhere so every day is a celebration.

6. This pup wants you to look around and appreciate the beauty nature provides for us.

7. Here is a dog proving that smiles are available even when you're stuck in a rut.

8. And here is a dog defying the idea that sadness could even be a real thing.

9. Happiness exists because dogs tell you they love you without saying a word.

10. And because pups like this fellow try their best to help even though they don't have opposable thumbs.

11. And like this buddy who is ready to take you anywhere even though he doesn't know how to drive.

12. Tired puppies are the reason lots of people smile.

13. And puppies wearing bow ties are what we call EUPHORIA.

14. Even full-grown dogs in bow ties seem to emit literal rays of sunshine and giggles.

15. Dogs can wink and they don't even know how delightful it is.

16. They can look at your face and only see someone wonderful and lovely and deserving of all the puppy kisses.

17. Could a fluffy puppy covered in paint exist if happiness did not? No.

18. What about this puppy soaking up life under the sprinkler? Doubt it.

19. This puppy in a bed of clovers wouldn't be filling hearts with joy if joy wasn't real.

20. Happiness exists because the world is big and filled with cute things.

21. So look into these eyes and know everything will be happy and wonderful.