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31 Dogs Who Will Remind You To Be Happy

Changing the world, one paw-step at a time.

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1. These good listeners being trained as reading therapy dogs.

2. This dog who is an inspiration for living your best life.

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3. Peaches, comforting one of his best friends.

4. This lil' lady enjoying a well-earned puppuccino.


5. This friend who was adopted and trained by his human after being told that his son wasn't a good fit for a therapy dog.

Lucas Hembree has a neurodegenerative genetic disease commonly referred to as Sanfilippo Syndrome. For more information and to donate, visit his website here.

6. This dog who greets people through a hole in the wall.

7. This neighborhood watch keeping everyone safe from villains!

8. This superhero stopping by a children's hospital.

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9. These seeing-eye dogs who became inseperable during training classes, and lead to their humans getting MARRIED!

Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey are both blind, and fell in love after their guide dogs became the best of friends.

Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey are both blind, and fell in love after their guide dogs became the best of friends.

10. This dog who knows when to help a friend in need.

11. This University therapy dog waiting in the library for all the college students dealing with midterms.

12. This pup who is showing the world that friendship has no boundaries.


13. Lil' Jake, a therapy dog in training who just really loves smiling!

14. Maximus the bullfrog visiting his favorite special needs class.

15. The team at Boston Medical Center going ALL OUT for Halloween.

16. This cart overflowing with puppies.


17. This little guy who dresses to impress when he goes to work!

18. This pal who is doing his best not to tell his friend the answers.

19. This little buddy learning to help veterans with PTSD.

20. This service dog who brought together two teens who had no plans of going to prom, and gave them a night to remember.

MATTHEW DAE SMITH | for the Lansing State Journal / Via

21. This dog who brings his neighbor a gift every time he visits!

22. This big pup showing his little pup friend the ropes.

23. And these two taking a nap after a long day of work.

24. Max the dog who befriended Ralphee the disabled kitten.

Watch their adorable story here.
Wakaleo /

Watch their adorable story here.


25. This very patient and loving pitbull girl.

26. Prince, a dog who comforted Sandy Hook survivors, and graduated with his senior class before retiring.

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27. This shiba who greets every customer who comes to his store.

28. These pups at swim class.


29. This dog who is very serious about protecting his baby bunnies.

30. Sam, the search and rescue dog who has found over 300 children in 10 years of service.

31. And this dog with downright AMAZING butt balancing skills.