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31 Dogs Who Will Remind You To Be Happy

Changing the world, one paw-step at a time.

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3. Peaches, comforting one of his best friends.

5. This friend who was adopted and trained by his human after being told that his son wasn't a good fit for a therapy dog.

Lucas Hembree has a neurodegenerative genetic disease commonly referred to as Sanfilippo Syndrome. For more information and to donate, visit his website here.

9. These seeing-eye dogs who became inseperable during training classes, and lead to their humans getting MARRIED!

Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey are both blind, and fell in love after their guide dogs became the best of friends.

11. This University therapy dog waiting in the library for all the college students dealing with midterms.

16. This cart overflowing with puppies.

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