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24 Dogs Who Are Being That Person We All Hate

You know, THAT person.

1. That friend who gets jealous when left out of even the tiniest of things:

2. That roommate who is always home but never does the dishes:

3. That couple who is still drunk and dancing even though all the lights are on and you just want to go home:

4. That person who gets moody and wants everyone to notice and ask about it.

5. That lady who has a complaint and "wants to speak with the manager":

6. That couple who is literally ALWAYS late:

7. That sibling who never gets in trouble even when they're caught in the act:

8. That guy who is always making terrible jokes and expecting uproarious laughter each time:

9. That thirsty friend:

10. That girl who gets irritated when you are nice to the people she hates:

11. That guy on the elevator who keeps farting and his face knows it:

Honestly it might be worse if he acknowledged it.

12. That friend who swears by shower caps:

13. That kid who is always paranoid about getting in trouble:

14. That woman who overreacts to hearing someone use a curse word:

15. That guy who hates holidays:

16. That girl who tries really hard to not be a control freak, but usually ends up snapping:

17. That guy who is always offering unwanted advice in the most condescending tone:

"Don't study art. Study business if you want to make money. That's what I did."

18. That friend who is always trying to turn up:

19. That person who is overly dramatic about tasting something they don't like:

20. That asshole who KEEPS bringing up a certain amazing thing they did once:

"When I was in Thailand for six months..."

21. That parent who always asks "Did you clean your room?" before saying if you're allowed to do the thing or not:

22. That guy who lingers on the edge of group conversations and sometimes interjects and makes things awkward:

23. That co-worker you hate solely because they are flawlessly cool without even trying:

24. And finally, that person who is always saying "I hate to be that person, but..." and proceeds to be THAT PERSON:

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