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19 Excited Dogs Just Spreading Happiness

Spreadin' barks and smiles!

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1. Dogs seem as if they are just naturally made of sunshine and happiness.

2. They wholeheartedly enjoy the simple things in life.

3. Like getting to spend time outside.

4. Or a really awesome hole in the sand.

5. Check out this dog LIVIN' in his little pouch.


6. And this dog reveling in the newly mown grass.

7. This dog isn't even swinging, and she's perfectly content with life.

Tierra Jones

8. And this dog doesn't even know what's in store and is already cruisin'.

9. They absolutely LOVE the dog park.

10. And playing in the water. So simple, so pure.

11. Nothing can dampen their spirits.

12. Not even school.

13. Just look at this happy pup and his bundle of tiny new kitten friends.

14. Or this absolute fluffball having the greatest of times.

15. We can learn a lot from the little guys who smile this big just because they get to ride in the car.

16. And the Shiba who loves his backpack so much he can't go anywhere without it.

17. Dogs show us that even the smallest things are worth being excited about.

18. And there are so many amazing people to meet, right around the corner. (Or right under the fence.)

Taylor Saunders-Wood / Facebook / Via

19. So thanks, dogs, for reminding us that life is too short to not find happiness in everything we do!

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