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22 Times Dogs Embodied What It's Like To Have Siblings

There are good times, and there are BAD times.

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1. When one of you is in trouble and the other acts EXTRA good just to show off:

2. When you have to fend for yourself to get the most food possible before it's gone:

3. When your mom introduces you all to her work friends:

And they already know every detail of your lives.


4. When you all get caught doing something bad, but at least you're in it together:

5. And when you unite to talk your parents into letting you have "a few friends over":

6. When you're with your friends and your sibling runs up to make fun of you mid-story:

7. When you both like someone and you vie for their affections:


8. And when you reunite during your college summer break:

9. When you're trying to get family pictures over with and someone keeps fucking it up:

10. When your parents are away for the weekend:

11. When you explain that high school sucks but it will all turn out OK:


12. When your parents are most proud of the youngest:

13. When your sibling is the one messing up but YOU have to deal with the repercussions:

14. When one of you "Moms" the other in public:

"Your hair is sticking out on the side, you look ridiculous." / Via

"Your hair is sticking out on the side, you look ridiculous."

15. The fact that you've got unique individual styles, but you're still bonded because you're family:


16. When you have a FIRE insult to finally put down your older sibling but you fuck up the delivery:

17. When you actually look presentable for the family reunion and make sure to document it:

18. When you're arguing and don't want your parents to hear to get you both in trouble:

19. Or when your Mom knew to threaten your computer privileges to stop the fighting:


20. When nobody wants to give up the front seat:

21. When the most responsible in charge and and is so uncool about it, it's worse than having your parents there:

22. And when you just relax and enjoy each other's presence because you're pretty lucky to have them around. 💖💖💖