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    19 Brilliant DIY Projects For Pet Food Stations

    Whether you have a cat or dog, these great ideas can help minimize the mess of food bowls!

    1. This built-in dog bowl situation.

    This awesome design allows for elevated food bowls, so you don't have to worry about kicking them over! Find the full tutorial here.

    2. This personalized hanging pet feeder.

    This hanging feeder eliminates the problem of accidentally kicking the pet bowls, while simultaneously looking super classy. Although the product itself isn't DIY, you'll have to install it yourself!

    3. This set of drawers turned pet food station.

    This project creates a clean space for both the food bowls and all the pet food accessories! Find the tutorial here!

    4. This re-purposed porcelain tea set.

    Using non-pet food dishes for pet food is a super simple way to spice things up, and the plates will catch any spillage!

    5. These vintage chairs turned food holders.

    This project is a great way to elevate your pet's food dishes in style! Directions here.

    6. This modern pet bowl stand.

    This simple pet food stand will look great with any decor! Find the wonderful tutorial here.

    7. These food bowls in wheatgrass.

    Learn more about wheatgrass and pets here.

    8. This cute, simple food bowl stand.

    This simple yet beautiful design allows for some creativity when it comes to painting! Find the tutorial here.

    9. This cat food shelf, out of the dog's reach!

    This is a perfect way to keep the cat food in a place where the dog won't get to it. Find the tutorial here!

    You can also find them here on Etsy!

    10. This feeding station for a growing puppy.

    This is a great idea from Pinterest user Jill Beyer!

    11. This upcycled vintage suitcase.

    Find more photos and instructions here!

    12. This ombre wooden pallet stand for bowls.

    This super simple project adds a little style to your pet food situation. Find the instructions here!

    13. This neat feeding station and toy storage combo.

    This is great for organizing food supplies or pet toys! Find the tutorial here.

    14. This vintage Coca-Cola crate bowl holder.

    This project requires some time and dedication, but is well worth it! Find the instructions here.

    15. These nature-inspired food bowls.

    Find a log and make your own, or find the professionally done products here.

    16. These elevated food dishes.

    This is easy and elegant, find the instructions here!

    17. This picnic basket food bowl holder.

    This cute bowl holder doubles as a food storage unit! The tutorial can be found here.

    18. These stacked ceramic bowls.

    Perfect if you have some old cereal bowls that you no longer use; paint them and stack them for cute elevated pet dishes! Tutorial here.

    19. This pet food island alcove.

    Take advantage of the nooks and crannies in your home. Find more information on pet-friendly architecture here!