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    11 Steps To Conquering Your Fear Of Spiders

    Breathe in, breathe out, and say "Hello Spider, how are you doing today?"

    1. First of all, imagine that spiders look like this up close:

    2. If you see a spider, give him a silly name.

    3. Or if you're especially nervous, use a raisin to role-play and practice having a casual conversation with a spider.

    4. Look at yourself, now look at a spider. You are WAY, WAY bigger.

    5. Imagine a spider's hobbies. Who knows, you could have some in common!

    6. Or think about how if spiders wore shoes it would take them a REALLY long time to put them all on.

    7. OR imagine how funny it would be if spiders had a unibrow over all eight of their eyes.

    8. Remember Spiderman would be nothing without the help of an actual spider.

    9. Think about how awesome those cobwebs will look during Halloween.

    10. Listen to 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' on repeat while you sleep.

    11. And if none of that works then here's this: Spiders thrive on fear and the more you are scared the more they will flock to you and lurk...