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26 Classy Cat Tattoos Every Cat Lover Will Adore

Whiskers, silhouettes, and paw prints, oh my!

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1. This little hidden treasure.

2. This fierce finger tattoo.

3. This beautifully ornate cat.

4. This sweet cat token.


8. This geometric pet portrait.

10. This top-secret cat huddle.

11. This beautiful pastel cat.

12. This Princess Leia cat.

13. This adorable Lucky Cat.

15. This beautifully intricate cat couple.

16. And this incredibly cute cat couple.

17. This stunning cat-profile portrait.

18. This cats-and-roses tattoo.

19. This amazingly fierce cat. / Via

20. These kitties with bright eyes.

21. This precious trail of paw prints.

22. These heart-shaped lil' cats.

23. This beautifully abstract kitty.

24. This chubby lil' Pusheen.

26. And these subtle little whiskers.