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    17 Adorable Cats Who Will Convince Everyone They Should Like Cats

    How can you NOT be a cat person???

    1. Cats get a lot of bad publicity, when in actuality they are precious, shining, rays of the sun.

    2. They've got so much personality.

    3. And they can be ever so charming.

    4. And regal beyond what any humans can convey.

    5. Even this guy with his "Could you keep it down over there?!" expression could melt the coldest hearts with his fluff.

    6. See? Cats can be cuddly and cute and a joy to have around!

    7. In fact, cats make great companions to have when you're feeling low.

    8. And who doesn't want a reason to smile when they come home?

    9. Plus, sometimes you just need a good cuddle buddy.

    10. Look at this. This is a glorious sight to behold.

    11. And this SMILE. So cute, so pure of heart.

    12. Cats can be reminders to slow down and take some time to relax.

    13. And sometimes they can be excuses not to do the cleaning you don't want to do.

    14. Life presents many instances in which having a cat is a definite plus.

    15. Look at this tiny, tiny kitten. Doesn't your heart light up a little?

    16. Cats are just the sweetest lil' angels.

    17. And if all of these cuties don't convince you, YOU'RE REALLY MISSIN' OUT.