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19 Cats In The Exact Wrong Place

I don't know how they do it, but they do.

1. Cats have a wonderful little talent for being in the exact place they shouldn't be in any given moment.

2. Take, for example, this cat lying on the one spot where a clean pair of pants exists.

3. And this cat, cleverly placing her head directly on the book page trying to be read.

4. When a cat is around, you can forget about studying.

5. Forget about finally taking a bath.

6. Forget about getting to those cookies in the oven in time. (Hope you like burned cookies.)

7. Sometimes it works in your favor, like when you don't REALLY want to exercise.

8. Or when you need a good distraction from work.


10. As if they see you trying to do something and think, "Ehh, not today."

11. "Oh, you wanted to play your lil' computer game? That's nice."

12. And they always have that smug look, because they know who is in charge around here.

13. And if it's not the smugness, it's the ol' "Who, me???"


15. There is work to be done!

16. Presents to be wrapped!

17. Science fairs to be won!

18. It's honestly impressive, their knack for always finding the wrong place to be.

19. And sometimes, it's nice knowing neither of you are going anywhere for at least a few moments. So thanks for being the way you are, cats.

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