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    16 Cats Who Don't Care If You Like Them

    The less people who are going to bother them, the better.

    1. This majestic beast who is having a dandy of a time without you trying to interrupt him for pets and scratches.

    2. This cat who is busy dealing with REAL issues, and doesn't have time for you anyway.

    3. This cat who is literally sitting on a bed of money that isn't yours.

    4. And this cat who has 99 problems, but you disliking him isn't one.

    5. This cat who is living the dream despite your negative feelings towards her.

    6. This cat who thinks name-calling is child's play and that she wins anyway because she gets a box out of it.

    7. This jerk who has better things than you to waste his time on.

    8. This cat who is pissed you thought she cared in the first place.

    9. This cat who has so many admirers that one weird human doesn't make a difference.

    10. This cat who was enjoying this rose in solitude and thinks you should back the fuck up.

    11. This cat who would rather sit on your clean pants than have you like her.


    12. This kitty who will not hand you the toilet paper and WILL enjoy every moment of your hatred.


    13. This fluff-nugget who has ONE best friend and no room for anybody else.

    14. This cat who is going to be comfortable regardless of what you think and where you want to sit.


    15. These cats who have a friggin' DOPE BUNKBED, so why would they even worry about your opinions?


    16. And this kitty who mostly just cares that you know you're not actually welcome despite the welcome message, and ultimately he just wants you to leave. BYE!