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26 Cat Reactions Every Introvert Will Understand

Just let me live.

1. When someone asks you to talk about your feelings:

2. When the teacher says "Someone who hasn't raised their hand needs to answer this one.":

3. When you meet a lot of new people in one day:

4. When you agree to go to a party but then remember parties are during your me-time:

5. When you have a full on conversation in your mind and then realize someone is looking at you:

6. When somebody is going in for a hug and you need to brace yourself for physical contact:

7. When your roommate suggests having a house-warming party:

8. When you're in the club and you feel too silly to try being sexy:

9. When someone cancels plans and you get to stay home:

10. When your friends throw you a surprise party and you just wanted to come home and catch up on your shows:

11. When your friend tells you to "do that thing you always do" in front of a group of people so you oblige, but do it real fast:

12. When you hear that your roommate has guests over and you stay in bed all the same:

13. When you are feeling talkative and someone says "Hey you're usually so quiet, didn't know you could actually talk!":

14. When you have to elect a group representative to talk about your project and they try to pick you:

15. When your crush invites you out but you've had enough social interaction for the day:

16. When you're on a road trip and you do the math and realize how much time you'll be spending with those people in a small car:

17. Or when your trip itinerary doesn't include some alone time and you don't see any option other than rip it to shreds:

18. When your teacher says you can work on the project with a partner or by yourself:

19. ...and then when someone in class says "Hey wanna be my partner?":

20. When you look HELLA good but you're not used to getting so much attention:

21. When bae is being too affectionate in public and you know people are looking:

22. When you just got settled into bed after a long day and your roommate knocks on your door:

23. When someone is invading your space, but you don't like confrontation so you deal with it:

24. When people aren't looking at your eyes as they talk to you, so you get paranoid there's something on your face:

25. When the person you're talking to at the party goes to get a drink without you:

26. When you come home and the house is empty: