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54 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

Carpe Diem, everyone.

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3. A pug fleeing in fear of the almighty cat.

7. This cheetah cub and puppy who are the best of friends.

8. And a manatee and sea turtle who are the underwater equivalent.

13. A newly adopted dog thinking, "Pinch me, I'm dreaming."

15. A cat wondering why someone took so much time crocheting a stegosaurus costume for a turtle, and a turtle really loving that they did.

17. The three most powerful kings announcing they have finally made peace.

18. A camel proving to a skeptical donkey that he can in fact fit a child's head in his mouth.

19. A puppy who realized too late that he's not a squirrel, he's just really tiny.

20. Three guinea pigs and a dog who have newly formed trust issues.

21. A momma lion TOTALLY embarrassing her cub in front of all his friends.

Or are they just re-enacting that scene in The Lion King where Simba gets all pissed off that his mom is licking him?

22. A free ballin' bear having the best day.

30. A hippo saying, "Come on, now is not the time."

31. A bison who makes a better door than a window.

32. A cat who is studying how to be the King of the Jungle.

33. An elephant visiting her friend the sea lion.

34. A fox rebelling against 'The Man.'

40. A dog who noticed some dried baby food on his friend's cheek.

41. The guiltiest pelican who certainly won't bite Grandma again.

42. A pup and his mini-me.

44. The cutest baby bunny in the world nibblin' on his first banana.

46. The exact grouping of animals that inspired the inventor of Chex Mix.

48. A cat, dog, and deer wondering what you think is so funny about nap-time.

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