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We Interviewed BTS And Found Out Some Things You Might Not Know

Put your BTS knowledge to the test and prepare yourself for some magical gifs!

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But we know that A.R.M.Y.s have a special connection with these talented boys, so we're challenging you to try and answer the questions yourself!

Elaina Wahl & Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

It's pretty simple. We'll tell you the questions we asked BTS, and you try to guess how they answered, THEN you can click to reveal the real answers and see how you did! (Be careful not to scroll past the images, as the answers or hints might also be in the text underneath!)

Can you handle it? We think so. Let's start off easy...who do you think they voted most romantic?

Elaina Wahl & Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

Although V seems to think of himself as most romantic, and Suga seems to trust everyone else to make a fine decision without him.


And who is the best at doing their own makeup?

Elaina Wahl & Sarah Han

Although this time he is less ready to claim responsibility. After trying to shift the attention over to Jimin, he admits he's pretty good at it.

Having said that, according to Rap Mon, they don't wear makeup that often.


And vice versa! Who, out of the rap unit, is the best singer?

Elaina Wahl & Sarah Han

Though Jungkook thinks Rap Monster is another solid candidate and tries to get him to sing a bit, to which Rap Monster is like, "nah."


Which song do they think A.R.M.Y.s should listen to when they are sad?

Big Hit Entertainment / Via

Jin said, "When you're sad, you need to listen to a sadder song."

Suga also suggested "Tomorrow," J-Hope (jokingly) suggested "Fire" and V added, "You need to listen to Jungkook rapping."


We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to BTS for meeting with us! And to our lovely readers and fellow BTS fans, we'll work even harder to bring you bigger and better K-pop posts in the future! 🎤 🇰🇷

Walks off singing "Fiiiiirrreeeee"