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    21 Big Dogs Trying Their Best To Be Brave

    Just because they're big doesn't mean they're fearless.

    1. This big fella who is just too afraid to go down the stairs on his own.

    2. This dude who is scared of one thing: Julia Roberts.

    3. This fluffball who severely underestimates his own abilities.

    4. And this internally conflicted Saint Bernard who loves treats, but is terrified of boxes.

    5. This lil' baby who is NOT ready to fly for the first time.

    6. This guy who was excited about his birthday until a weird, flaming monster showed up.

    7. Or this fellow who couldn't quite get past the terrifying hat.

    8. This dog who is just really strugglin'.

    9. And this sweet angel who really wants to go upstairs without conflict.

    10. This baby who just scrambled for the first cozy bed he could find.

    11. This scaredy-cat who has a lot of questions concerning the loud noises and flying debris.

    12. And this dog embracing "NOPE."

    13. This big guy who hates going to the vet.

    14. This lady who forgets just how big she is.

    15. This lil' buddy wondering why swimming lessons are even that important.

    16. And this weathered fellow who is not afraid to lose a little dignity by hiding in the playhouse.

    17. This pup who doesn't know what the hell that thing is and wants you to get it out of her face.

    18. This boy who doesn't want to admit he is afraid of the dark.

    19. And this girl who is trying her best to be polite because she's too scared to be assertive.

    20. This pup who is going to extreme measures for safety.

    21. And finally, this dog who is taking the opposite approach of a cat when it comes to lasers.

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