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21 Mutts Just Being Their Adorable Selves

Precious, little snowflakes.

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1. This tiny, divine little being.

2. And this lovable goober.

3. This rescue dog who decided to pay it forward and adopt his own kitten.

4. This big guy with his little pug friend.

MarlonRando /

5. And this PERFECT little poof.

solo2070 /

6. This pup who has the best floppy ears ever.

7. This adventurer, already getting into some trouble.

Bacardiman2323 /

8. And this speckly dude chomping down on a stick.

9. This friendly nugget who is very good at holding hands.

10. This happy pooch with his tongue hanging free as the wind.

11. And this incredibly patient pal waiting for his best friend's birthday treats.

Olivia Siniff

12. This lovely lady with the most boopable nose you ever did see.

13. This puppy, with the bluest eyes of all.

ricci090 /

14. This beautiful smiler who makes everyone stop and stare.

15. And this one, too, lighting up every room he's in.

16. These two floofy pals layin' down for a much-needed nap.

17. And these BFFs plotting their next adventure.

18. These two cuties who sometimes get confused for particularly adorable mops.

19. This sleepin' baby with her sleepin' baby paws.

20. This precious troublemaker, pretending he's not covered in mud.


hapa_li /

Mutts are great dogs, but many of them are in need of a good home. Visit your local shelter or search here to find your new best friend!

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