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32 Adorable Animals Who Have Found Their True Love

♫ Can you feel the love toniiiiiiiight? ♫

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3. These buddies who never argue over who has to be the big spoon.

4. This lion who loves her monkey with her whole heart.


6. This manatee and her kayak.

Sometimes inanimate objects are the best huggers.

7. And this kitten and her potato.

Seriously, such good huggers.

8. These devoted lovers.


10. Walter and Helen.


14. This giraffe who surprised his lady with a dozen roses.

16. And this sneaky affair happening behind closed doors.


17. This very unlikely pairing.

18. This pup who would be EVERYTHING for this kitty.


20. These majestic beings who will weather any storm.

21. And these pals who are together through thick and thin.


24. These snuggly babies.

26. These high school sweethearts.


28. And these owls giving lil' kisses on cheeks.

29. This truly bro-mantic reunion.

30. These lovers going trunk-to-trunk.

32. And of course this little gentleman who will do anything to proclaim his love.