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24 Orange Cats Just Being Their Adorable Selves

Orange cats are the best cats.

1. It's no secret that orange cats can be the CUTEST.

2. And the most SPECTACULAR.

3. Even lil' birdies can appreciate a good orange cat.

4. Like this orange guy who is confused about where he wants to be, but still rockin' it.

5. And this baby who knows her spot is EXACTLY on top of the entire keyboard, and is also flaunting that orange fur.

6. Some orange cats are the nicest, most gentle kitties you will ever meet.

7. Some are a little bit of bullies.

8. This famous lazy cat? He was ORANGE.

9. Sneezy Cat is orange too.

10. This nugget standing on his hind legs is particularly precious.

11. As is this buddy who was the BEST moral support before his human proposed.

The bowtie goes GREAT with his splendid orange coat.

12. Look at this orange BOSS.

13. And look at this ball of fire, posing like an Olympic diver.

14. Here is an orange cat with The Crazy Eyes.

15. And here is one who is Full Puffball.

16. This is a just a little baby orangie.

17. Here, we have a beautiful orange CAT-erpillar turned butterfly in his natural habitat.

18. And an orange turtle-kitten spotted in the wild.

19. Here is a nicely orange-and-white buddy being VERY patient.

20. And these two fuzzies look sooooo snuggly.

21. Just look at the MAJESTY of this flame-colored beast.



24. Orange cats, man. They're the best.

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