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    21 Adorable Things You Need If You Love Moose

    Looking at you, Canadians.

    1. This perfect, cozy lil' mug.

    Get it from Hadley Clay on Etsy for $35.

    2. This gloriously inspiring tank top.

    Get it from Get the Party Started on Etsy for $19!

    3. This dainty antlered ring.

    Get it from Sketcha Design on Etsy for $19.

    4. These very serious slippers.

    Get them from Bunny Slippers for $26.


    Get it from Wildlife Wonders for $188.

    6. These snuggly pajama pants.

    Get them from The Pajama Company for $20.

    7. Or these super sophisticated onesies.

    8. This beautiful Alaskan moose necklace.

    Get it from Stoney Creek Charms for $38.

    9. This regal, golden bottle stopper.

    Get it from Northlight for $7.

    10. This tremendous throw pillow.

    Get it from Society6 for $20.

    11. And this majestic moose dinnerware set.

    Get it from Cabin Place! (Prices vary.)

    12. This rustic towel rack.

    Also from Cabin Place, for $150.

    13. This spectacular phone case.

    Get it from Case Escape on Etsy for $15.

    14. This minimalist zipper pouch.

    Get it from Monimal Jewelry on Etsy for $13.

    15. This nonfiction book about a moose named Josh who fell in love with a cow named Jessica.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.

    16. This lovely wall clock.

    Get it from Target for $31.

    17. These adorable Christmas socks.

    Get them from The Sock Drawer for $8.

    18. This heating (or cooling) pack in snuggly moose form.

    Order it from What a Jewel for $40.

    19. These tiny silver earrings.

    Get them from Jewelia Designs for $14.

    20. This cute printed tote.

    Get it from Oscardo for $10.

    21. And finally, this moose hat so that you can always be your true self.

    Snag her from Amazon for $10.

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