50 Adoptable Dogs From Every State In The USA

From shelter to shining shelter!

1. Alabama

Meet Bonz! He is a 2 year old American Bulldog and Labrador Retriever mix. He is super friendly and loves people in general, children, and other dogs. Find him at Animal Rescue Foundation!

2. Alaska

Meet Rosie! This lovely yellow lab loves to go swimming and has lots of energy! Find her at Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends.

3. Arizona

Nicole Bowman Photography / Facebook: NicoleBowmanPhotography / Via luckydogrescue.org

This is Chico! Chico is a Toy Fox terrier and Chihuahua mix, and he loves to giving kisses! You can find him prancing around Lucky Dog Rescue!

4. Arkansas


Hi, Dusty! Dusty is a 10 year old Corgi mix. He is very shy and sensitive, and needs a quiet home. You can find Dusty at CARE.

5. California

Hello, Huggie! This lil buddy is a perfect family pet! He is happy and friendly, and waiting for you with Much Love Animal Rescue.

6. Colorado


Here’s Pepper! This lil charmer is a fluffy Australian Shepherd mix, and incredibly easy-going! You can find him at MaxFund!

7. Connecticut

Hello, Gibbs! Gibbs is a 10 month old, super happy pit bull mix. He would be a great playmate for older children, as he has a lot of energy and is a loving friend! Visit him at PAWS!

8. Delaware

Meet Cadence! Cadence is a 3-4 year old Bluetick Hound mix. She is a shy girl, but incredibly sweet. You can find her at Delaware SPCA.

9. Florida

Hi, Chunky! Chunky is 6 years old and looking for a pal to spend some good days with. Pick up this snuggle buddy at SPCA Florida!

10. Georgia


Meet Arial! This 4 month old Australian Shepherd mix is both deaf and blind, but doesn’t let that stop her from living it up! Adopt this remarkable puppy at Furkids, Inc.

11. Hawaii

Haute Creatures / hautecreatures.com

This is Effie. She is an incredibly loving, sweet 7 year old Hound/Labrador mix. Her adoption fee is waived, as she just needs a loving home to welcome her. Find her at Oahu SPCA.

12. Idaho

Meet Muggles! Muggles is a Pomeranian mix that needs regular grooming and a place to snuggle on a regular basis. You can find this guy at the Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley!

13. Illinois

Hello Annabelle! This lil’ beagle puppy is a perfect family friend, as she is great with children and other dogs. You can pick up this happy girl at the Animal House Shelter.

14. Indiana


Howdy, Baby Archie! This little Yorkie mix is only ten weeks old, and super excited to find his forever home. Visit him here at Southern Indiana Animal Rescue if you think this might mean you!

15. Iowa


This is Bee! Bee is the perfect addition to an active family. She loves to run and play with her squeaky toys. Find her at the Animal Rescue League.

16. Kansas

This is Wiki Wiki! This lil Chow Chow mix is only 9 months old, and wants to grow up with you! Find him at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption!

17. Kentucky

Hello Stephanie! This Shar Pei lady is looking for a forever home with some adults just as sophisticated as herself. She’s waiting for you at Homeward Bound!

18. Louisiana



Meet Mo Jo! This old gentleman is super independent, but still loves to cuddle. He’d be a great companion if you’re living on your own and need someone around! He’s found at Louisiana SPCA.

19. Maine


This is Camille! She is an 8 year old German Shepherd, who loves children and other dogs….but does chase cats! This fun lady is waiting for you at Harvest Hills Animal Shelter.

20. Maryland


Meet Chiffon! This 3 year old pit bull mix is super friendly and loving. She is described as a “wiggle-butt”, and wiggles her lil’ booty in excitement whenever someone walks by her kennel! Find her at BARCS.

21. Massachusetts

Hello Sissy! Sissy is a 1 year old Australian Cattle dog, Boxer and Collie mix. She is very playful and loving. She’s currently at Northeast Animal Shelter!

22. Michigan


Meet Okami! Okami is a Siberian Husky, about 2 years old. He is a smart boy, and perfect for someone who has had experience with huskies. He can be found at Last Day Dog Rescue.

23. Minnesota

This is Claire! This sweet girl is a 7 year old Dachshund/Corgi mix. She would do best in a loving home without children or other dogs. Meet her at Second Chance Animal Rescue!

24. Mississippi


Meet Simon! This little lad is a three month old Labrador and Shepherd mix. This tiny ball of energy and cuteness is housed at the East Mississippi Animal Rescue.

25. Missouri


Hi Blake! This little pug mix is too adorable to not find his forever home! Find him at Five Acres!

*BONUS* Meet T-Mac! He’s a 7 year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix with a lot of energy, and LOVES playing with the vacuum cleaner! Find your new friend at Wayside Waifs!

26. Montana

Christopher Martin / mtlchs.org

Meet Cooper and Butkiss! These two are an inseperable duo! Cooper is a Jack Russell Terrier, and Butkiss is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. They are the best of friends and are looking for someone to join in their fun. Find them at Lewis and Clark Humane Society!

27. Nebraska

This is Donatella! She is a shy lady of 8 years. This little Yorkie will need lots of love and care, as she grew up in a puppy mill. Find her at Hearts United for Animals.

28. Nevada

Hello Zazu! This little Chihuahua is around 5 years old, and happy as ever! He’s got lots of friends at The Animal Foundation who are also looking for homes!

29. New Hampshire


This is Samson! This playful 3 year old boy had a rough start, but is now on the road to a happy life! You can find him at the New Hampshire SPCA.

30. New Jersey

Here’s Blessing! She’s not yet a year old, and has a lot of puppy energy! You can find her at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter.

31. New Mexico

Hey, Prancer! This little Italian Greyhound dude can be shy, but will make a great companion. He represents New Mexico Animal Friends!

32. New York

Meet Loki! This pitbull boy loves belly rubs, and is a little shy at first meeting. He is a great companion, and can be found at Best Friends NY!

33. North Carolina

Lynder_photography_2012 / cara.rescuegroups.org

Hi Rodger! Rodger is a German Shepherd mix and needs a home with lots of space to run around! This lovable boy can be found at Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption.

34. North Dakota


Meet Fish Stick! Fish Stick is a 7 year old Collie/Heeler mix. He is quite the gentleman, and waiting for you at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue.

35. Ohio


This is Emma! Emma is a sweet Husky/Beagle mix, who never stops wagging her tail! Find this beautiful girl at Animal Adoption Foundation.

36. Oklahoma


Meet Sadie! She’s a friendly 2 year old Dachshund/Australian Shepherd mix, with a lot of energy! You can find her at Central OK Humane Society.

37. Oregon


Hello Sammy! Sammy is a 5 year old Dachshund/Terrier mix, who is a very shy boy. He is very sweet once warmed up, and would love a nice quiet home. Find Sammy at Oregon Dog Rescue.

38. Pennsylvania


Meet Emma! This big girl is a 6 year old St. Bernard. She’s an alpha dog and would love a home where she is the only furry baby! You can meet Emma at Main Line Animal Rescue.

39. Rhode Island

Hi, Gallagher! Just about a year old, this German Shepherd/Collie mix has a lot of energy! If you’re an active family looking for another fun member, Gallagher is waiting at Potter League Animal Rescue!

40. South Carolina

Hello Daisy! Daisy is an adorable 3 year old retriever mix. This loving girl would love for you to pick her up at Charleston Animal Society!

41. South Dakota

This is Turbo! This little Whippet is incredibly friendly, and LOVES cuddling on your lap. Find him at Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

42. Tennessee


Meet Freddy! This ball of fun is a 5 year old beagle mix! He’s pumped to meet you at the Monroe County Animal Shelter!

43. Texas


Hello Nana! Nana is a purebred Akita, about 4 years old! She LOVES people, but needs a home in which she’s the only four-legged friend. Meet her at Operation Kindness!

44. Utah

Here’s Valentine! This little man is an adorable Papillon. He can be found smiling at Utah Animal Adoption Center!

45. Vermont

Meet Taffy! This miniature poodle is 14 years old, blind in one eye and hard of hearing, but doesn’t let that keep her from being happy! Find Taffy at All Breed Rescue!

46. Virginia

Anthony Moringello / moringello.com

This is Aires! He is a 5 year old Great Dane, and will need a home with lots of space and energy! Find him at Friends of Homeless Animals.

47. Washington

Meet Benjamin Franklin! He’s a young terrier mix excitedly waiting for you to welcome him home! You can find him at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

BONUS - Washington, D.C.


Hi, Tamarind! This lovely lady is a 1 year old hound mix. To add her to your family, meet her at The Washington Animal Rescue League.

48. West Virginia

Hello Luna! Little puppy Luna is a boxer and pitbull mix. She has a lot of energy and is incredibly friendly. Pick her up at Brooke County Animal Shelter!

49. Wisconsin


Meet Manford! Manford is quite the gentleman, and is a long-coated Chihuahua mix. You can find him at Lakeland Animal Shelter!

50. Wyoming

Last but not least, Atticus! This puppy is a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix. Ready for a home where he can run around and play all day, Atticus is waiting at Animal Adoption Center!

No matter where you are, there are plenty of resources available if you are interested in adopting a pet! Check out Petfinder to find adoptable animals in your area!

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