50 Adoptable Dogs From Every State In The USA

From shelter to shining shelter!

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7. Connecticut


Hello, Gibbs! Gibbs is a 10 month old, super happy pit bull mix. He would be a great playmate for older children, as he has a lot of energy and is a loving friend! Visit him at PAWS!

11. Hawaii

Haute Creatures / hautecreatures.com

This is Effie. She is an incredibly loving, sweet 7 year old Hound/Labrador mix. Her adoption fee is waived, as she just needs a loving home to welcome her. Find her at Oahu SPCA.

18. Louisiana

Meet Mo Jo! This old gentleman is super independent, but still loves to cuddle. He'd be a great companion if you're living on your own and need someone around! He's found at Louisiana SPCA.

26. Montana

Christopher Martin / mtlchs.org

Meet Cooper and Butkiss! These two are an inseperable duo! Cooper is a Jack Russell Terrier, and Butkiss is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. They are the best of friends and are looking for someone to join in their fun. Find them at Lewis and Clark Humane Society!

No matter where you are, there are plenty of resources available if you are interested in adopting a pet! Check out Petfinder to find adoptable animals in your area!