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    37 Beautiful Household Items Every Ocean Lover Needs

    Just some alternatives to permanently living at the beach.

    Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

    1. This beachy duvet cover set.

    2. These sea turtle lights.

    Find green ones here.

    3. This adorable narwhal peg rack.

    Find it here.

    4. This sophisticated wine glass set.

    5. This beautiful ceramic whale bowl.

    For other amazing animals or to complete the set, check out SKTCeramics!

    6. This serene ocean tapestry.

    Find it here.

    7. This ocean waves projector and speaker.

    8. These tentacle candle-holders.

    Find these here!

    9. These amazing 3D bathroom floors.

    Currently they are only found here!

    10. This pelican planter.

    Her name is Gertrude and you can find her here.

    11. These cast-iron Sand Dollar wall hooks.

    Find them here.

    12. This adorable orca clock.

    Find it here.

    13. And this cute as heck throw pillow from the same designer.

    This guy can be found here!

    14. This 'Friends & Anemones' throw pillow.

    Find this punny guy here.

    15. These cotton sea turtle napkins.

    Find these babies here!

    16. This nautilus-inspired lamp.

    Find more information on this lamp here.

    17. This faux coral paperweight/book-end/nice thing to decorate with.

    Find it here!

    18. This jellyfish air plant terrarium.

    Find this on Etsy!

    19. Or these hanging planters.

    Find them here.

    20. This under-the-sea mug set.

    21. This beautiful coral reef rug.

    22. This fancy serve-ware collection.

    Find the collection or singular pieces here.

    23. These adorable printed pillow cases.

    Find these and more designs here!

    24. These pufferfish plates.

    Find them here.

    25. This alternative guest booklet.

    Your guests can sign the sea creatures, and it makes for a beautiful wall hanging! Find it here.

    26. This seahorse drawer knob.

    Get it here!

    27. These classy octopus bookends.

    28. This adorable sea animal mobile.

    Find it here.

    29. And this cute school of fish wall decal.

    Found here.

    30. This humpback whale shower curtain.

    Find it here.

    31. This friendly octopus mug.

    Find it here!

    32. These floating coral shelves.

    Find them here! (Made of plaster, not actual coral. Save the coral reefs!)

    33. This awesome jellyfish canopy.

    Find it here!

    34. This otter tape dispenser.

    Find this here!

    35. This simple seahorse shower curtain.

    36. This elegant octopus ring holder.

    Find it here.

    37. And of course, this shark sleeping bag.

    Find it here!

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