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36 Adorable Pictures That Will Make You Love Birds

Because birds are important.

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3. This Dad and his pigeon.

5. This chocolate enthusiast.

(Don't worry about this lil' cockatoo...he's actually a fictional character from Adam Sandler's movie Jack and Jill!)


10. This little guy who is rehearsing his tricks in his sleep.


16. This little baby who doesn't want to leave the hand.

22. This happy hopper.

23. This bird just ~having a moment~.

24. This owl with a hat.

25. And this bird with a Tea Cup Hat.

26. This teeny tiny creature.

27. This 'New Phone Who Dis?' bird.

28. These funny guys.

33. All of Bob the golden retriever's friends.

36. And this guy who truly embodies why birds are so important.