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33 Adorable Narwhal Things You Need In Your Life

Because narwhals are magic and we could all use a little more in life.

1. This outrageously cute laptop sticker.

2. This lovely wrap-around ring.

3. This most snuggly of pillows.

4. This sophisticated doormat.

5. This intricate narwhal duvet cover.

6. These happy narwhal mugs.

7. This simple little necklace.

8. Or this simple golden necklace.

9. This tiny, tiny crocheted friend.

10. These pirate-y tights.

11. These happy little earrings.

12. Or these button earrings.

13. This Secret Order of the Narwhal Society brooch.

14. These fancy-fance notecards.

15. This heartwarming print.

16. This narwhal nightlight.

17. This Keep Calm poster.

18. These incredibly cute planner bands.

19. This narwhal winter hat.

20. This Marco Polo phone case.

21. This beautifully illustrated zip pouch.

22. This hilarious set of underwear.

Found at Hot Topic.

23. This laminated makeup pouch.

24. This lovely throw pillow.

25. This charming notebook.

26. This stone narwhal totem.

27. This wonderful T-shirt.

28. This canvas tote bag.

29. This narwhal cloud pillow.

30. These classy gift tags.

31. This magical tea set.

32. This genius coat rack.

33. And this sweatshirt that just tells it like it is.