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31 Beautiful Dog Tattoos Every Dog Lover Will Appreciate

Sometimes dogs can mean the most to us.

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1. This adorable little face.

2. This beautifully detailed German shepherd.

3. This precious origami pug.

4. This cute little French bulldog.

6. This lovely back tattoo.

7. This wonderful portrait.

Whose pup is VERY proud.


8. This darling silhouette.

9. And this simple yet beautiful line drawing.

11. This marvelous portrait.

15. This wee little paw print.

16. And this charming outline.

20. This matching cat and dog.

21. This happy golden retriever wreath.

23. This very realistic pal.

24. And this unique portrait.

28. This sophisticated gentleman.

29. This lovely little beagle.

30. This silly mermaid pug.

31. And this brilliant silhouette of a dog and his human.


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