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    Posted on Oct 6, 2015

    28 Adorable Animal Things You Need In Your Life

    Because you can't have all the animals, but you really wish you could.

    1. Keep your things in this adorable red panda clutch.

    From Nemki on Etsy!

    2. Add a touch of whimsy with this woodland creatures banner.

    Found on Etsy.

    3. Perfect your recipes with these dainty little measuring spoons, fit for a cabin in the woods.

    Found on Etsy.

    4. Decorate the couch with these fancy lads.

    Found on Etsy.

    5. Or this clever wombat pillow.

    Found on Etsy.

    6. Light up the room with one of these cute owl lampshades.

    Found on Etsy.

    7. Use this giraffe kettle when you need some coziness.

    Found on Amazon.

    8. And this mana-TEA infuser (heh, heh).

    9. This curious kitty mug is ready for some hot chocolate.

    Find this and tons more on Etsy, here!

    10. Slip into these happy narwhal slippers.

    11. Cuddle up in your bed with baby hedgies.

    Found here.

    12. Or keep the hedgehog love contained in a welcome mat.

    Find it on ModCloth.

    13. Let this positively DARLING calendar keep track of your life.

    Found on Etsy.

    14. ~Spice things up~ with creative seasoning shakers.

    Coming soon to ModCloth.

    15. Spread your animal love with some punny notecards.

    16. Sip from these wild ceramic mugs.

    17. And have a cuddle with this plush blobfish pillow.

    18. Let this fox buddy warm up your winter.

    Found on Etsy.

    19. Deck out your walls with animal head planters.

    20. And let this magical woodland wall paper liven up your room.

    21. These adorable little brooches are the perfect last touch for any outfit.

    Found on Etsy.

    22. And this penguin laundry basket is the perfect place to put said outfit at the end of the day.

    Found on Amazon.

    23. Hang your things on these simple, but wonderful wall hooks.

    Find them here.

    24. Hop out of the shower and into one of these cuddly towels.

    Found here and here.

    25. And onto this lovely panda bathroom mat.

    26. This mythical coffee table book will remind you of the more imaginative animals out there.

    27. And these minimalistic coasters will keep that coffee table looking NICE.

    28. Finally, take your animal lovin' on the road with this lovely lunch box!

    Found here.

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