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    27 Little Dogs Who Want You To Have A Good Week

    They're like tiny, furry cheerleaders.

    1. Tough week ahead of you? Here are serious dogs in pajamas.

    2. And a little buddy trying so hard to keep his cool despite the presence of cake.

    3. Look at how happy these tiny babies are.

    4. And how disgruntled these two are about their Care Bear costumes.

    5. This pup wants to remind you that "The sky is the limit" is a dumb saying because literally people have been to the moon, so.

    6. And this bundle of happiness just wants you to keep smiling!

    7. Sometimes just knowing little sunshine dogs exist is enough to relieve some stress.

    8. Because their two main jobs are making you smile and being good cuddlers.

    9. And how can you NOT smile when magical beings like this are looking back at you?

    10. Or when fluff-nuggets like this try to trick you into thinking they can read?

    11. Life, man. It can be poopy.

    12. Sometimes it's so mean you won't even want to do the things you normally love to do.

    13. But it can also be a wonderful ride that presents you with weensy, little puppies with speckly noses.

    14. And tuckered out divas with bows on their ears.

    15. Does this smiling corgi in a lawn chair make you a little more optimistic?

    16. What about this very professional corgi in his elf costume?

    17. How can you be sad knowing that we are lucky enough to have puppies?!

    18. We even get to see PUPPIES IN HOODIES.

    19. Whoever said that magic isn't real hasn't seen this unicorn.

    20. Or this E-wok.

    21. Or this ethereal creature who is part corgi and part beagle.

    22. Little dogs add color and light and hope to this godforsaken world.

    23. So sure, you might take a tumble every once in a while and things might seem like they're all going wrong.

    24. But keep your chin up!

    25. Think of all the dogs out there whose only worries are which of their monkey toys to play with.

    26. Smile your beautiful smile!

    27. And sleep well tonight, for this is a big, big world, filled with tiny, tiny dogs.

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