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    26 Adorable Products Every Dog Owner Needs

    Because your dog can be just as fashionable as you!

    1. This way-too-adorable customizable coat.

    Design yours at PrideBites!

    2. This ombre rope leash.

    Buy it here.

    Or make your own using the tutorial here!

    3. Or one of these brilliant leash and collar combos.

    Found at Hiro+Wolf.

    4. These adorable vintage bandanas.

    5. This classy collapsible water bowl.

    6. These cute, adjustable harnesses.

    Find these and other varieties on Etsy.

    7. Or these classy bowtie harnesses.

    Available at Dharf.

    8. This nifty collection of bandanas that double as collars!

    Available at Wildebeest.

    9. These cheery pooch raincoats.

    Find them on Etsy.

    10. Or perhaps the umbrella leash, so as not to cramp your dog's style.

    Found on Amazon.

    11. These simple and elegant custom dog tags.

    Found on Etsy.

    12. These beautiful flower dog collars.

    13. Or these gentlemanly bowtie collars.

    Find even more variety at Crew La La!

    14. Or make your own puppy bowtie!

    Find the tutorial here.

    15. These warm alpaca sweaters perfect for the upcoming winter.

    Found at Alqo Wasi, Peruvian Dogwear.

    16. These waterproof pet boots.

    17. This hipster Instagram dog toy.

    Find it at FuzzYard.

    18. This beautiful handmade dog bed.

    Available in lots of sizes and designs, here.

    19. These fancy food bowls.

    20. This DIY storage for dog food.

    Find the instructions here.

    21. This lovely pet food mat.

    Find this and more on Etsy.

    22. These stylish small dog carriers.

    23. Or this quilted blue carrier.

    24. This casual dog sling.

    Find it here.

    25. These patterned leash bags.

    26. And this precious little puppy teepee.

    Found on Etsy.

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