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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    22 Things Every People Person Will Understand

    As told by dogs, the most loving of us all.

    1. When you have a giant heart, everyone is your friend.

    2. You have zero problem with authority and love looking up to the people in charge. / Via

    Resulting in often being called a Brown-Noser or Teacher's Pet.

    3. You're not very big on rivalries.

    4. People don't worry about how you'll react to meeting their friends or significant others.

    5. And when you hear people talking about someone who isn't present, your usual response is "[Insert name here]? OMG I LOVE THEM!"

    6. You see the good in even the grumpiest of folks.

    7. Everyone gets your hugs. EVERYONE.

    8. You say hello to strangers all the dang time.

    9. Your parties are usually PACKED.

    10. People are always happy to see you, no matter how long it's been.

    11. You have a talent for bringing people together.

    12. You have a motherly sense of pride towards everyone.

    And your heart is so happy when they are happy.

    13. Even if it's only been half a day since you've seen someone, every greeting is bursting with excitement.

    14. You are even friends with babies.

    15. You have an extensive network of inside jokes to keep track of.

    16. You often get special treatment because you know people in the right places.

    17. You're always ready to lend an helping hand.

    18. You're comfortable even with people you just met.

    19. And you have a way of forming weird friendships with the most random of people.

    20. When you're out and about, you inevitably run into someone you know.

    21. Your schedule is super busy because you're always making plans to hang out with people.

    22. And you're a generally happy person, because you can have a great time with EVERYONE!

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