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22 Signs You Are The Weird Friend

What is this "normal" thing?

1. You often find yourself laughing at your own jokes more than your friends do.

2. And because of this you've experienced plenty of awkward silences after making a joke in your group.

3. Before being introduced to new friends or family, you've been told to "just be normal."

4. And quite honestly, you're not really sure what being normal entails.

5. Plus, when you try to be normal, you just see plenty of opportunities to be the exact opposite.

6. You're all too familiar with that "what the hell are you doing" expression from your friends.

7. And the answer to their question is usually "Honestly, I'm not sure."

8. You can remember very specific instances in which you embarrassed your friends.

9. You are always the one ruining the squad photo.

10. Sometimes you feel like you have to rein yourself in so as not to disturb the peace.

11. Your friends have received a multitude of bizarre texts from you.

12. You're not entirely sure why, but none of them come to you for relationship advice.

13. But when they need help scaring people off, they head straight your way.

14. Sometimes all your friends are bonding over a thing and you have nothing to contribute because you're not on the same wavelength.

15. Which usually means you make side comments to entertain yourself.

16. And you have no problem with wandering off and doing your own thing.

17. You fuckin' love Twitter.

18. And you make meme references or use obscure movie quotes in regular conversation.


19. You own various items of clothing or accessories that your friends would never be caught dead in.

20. And theme parties are your DREAM.

21. And when your friends FINALLY say, "Who wants to get weird tonight????" you are so ready.

22. Because no matter how strange you are, your friends love you for it and they know they can always count on you to make life a fun ride.