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    21 Hilariously WTF Things Cats Have Actually Done

    Cats just don't make sense sometimes.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what weirdo things their cats do, and these are the hilarious responses!

    1. Classic Tibby

    2. Buddy's Secret

    When my cat Buddy is alone, or thinks he’s alone in the apartment, he will play with a pizza box holder from Pizza Hut with three prongs connected in the middle. He stares at it and does this weird yowl-singing at it, before batting it around for a second or two, then back to the staring, yowling, singing. He will stop immediately if you enter the room or make any noise.


    3. Sock Kittens

    My cat carries around socks like they are her kittens.


    4. Meatball and Her Sweaters

    Meatball loves to wear sweaters! She often meets me at the door where she has carried her sweater from her toy basket and drops it in front of the door. When I come home she sits right next to it and I put it on her and she starts rolling over and purring excessively! Such a strange cat but obviously fashion-forward despite the fact that she looks like a sausage!


    5. Gifts for the Neighbor

    He steals everything including couch covers, my coats, hats, gloves, souvenirs, undewear, bras, bathroom mats, and clean sanitary napkins (delicately removing them from the wrapping). He takes all of these things to the man who lives next door.

    —Bernice Russell, Facebook

    6. The Pickiest Cat in the World

    My cat Fitz is the pickiest cat I’ve ever seen, and he notices everything. You can’t change out a picture on the wall or move something without him taking notice. He will stare at whatever it is for hours. His water dish has to be in the exact same spot every day or he won’t drink from it, just glare until it’s moved back (even if it is only a foot away from its normal spot). He loves his treats, but there is one shape he won’t eat.


    7. The Cooking Enthusiast

    8. Welcome to My Home

    One of my mom's cats has a weird habit of announcing a visitor's arrival in song. When someone comes in the house, he runs into the kitchen, jumps on the counter, and gently bats at some wind chimes in the window. He never plays with them otherwise.

    —Lauren Donadio, Facebook

    9. Hey, Let Me Out

    10. Creepy Cat

    My first cat liked to sit at the neighbor's sliding glass door and just stare into her house. One day she was telling me about a "creepy cat" that would just stand there and stare all the time. I asked what it looked like and sure enough it was my cat.

    —Ashley Marie, Facebook

    11. To Each Her Own

    My cat sucks on her own nipples.

    —Murphy Moroney, Facebook

    12. Plastic Is a Cat's Best Friend

    Judy Wong
    Judy Wong

    My weirdo kitty Millie likes to look after plastic wrappers. She carries them to the front of the garden and then waits for a gust of wind to carry the plastic to the other end. She then chases it and brings it back to the front, and she'll do this for hours!

    —Judy Wong

    13. Cats Love Rubber Bands Too

    Maddie likes to play with rubber bands by tossing them in the air. However, she sucks at catching them and they sometimes end up on her head. When this happens, she cries to me to remove it.


    14. The Grass Is Always Greener

    My cat’s indoor-only, except for when we let her out on a harness. She spends most of her day sitting in front of the sliding glass door looking out, but when we let her out on a harness, she sits in front of the sliding glass door looking in. We’re beginning to think that she just likes her reflection.


    15. Best Spot in the House

    16. Sorry, Norah

    Every time I sing the song “What Am I to You” by Norah Jones, my cat attacks me. She literally will come from anywhere in the house if she hears me singing it and bites me on my ankles and up my legs. Sorry, Norah, she just really hates that song.


    17. The Cat Who Longs for AC

    18. Hamster Kitten

    My kitten likes knocking my bin over and jumping on it then rolling around the room like a hamster.


    19. Waiting To Go #2 For Her #1

    My cat likes to poop when my husband gets home from work. If he’s late she will cry and wait by the door until he gets home. The minute she hears him coming in, she runs to her tray and starts backing one out. Sometimes out of sheer desperation she will go before he gets home, crying about it the whole time.


    20. Popcorn H8r

    My cat has an irrational fear of popped popcorn. Not while it’s being popped (which would be understandable, because it’s loud), but after… She will run out of the room as quickly as she can. I still can’t figure it out.


    21. And Finally, the Mighty Hunter

    Cats: so weird, but we love them anyway. 💖💖💖

    Some of these submissions were edited for length and/or clarity.

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