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21 Puppies Who Are On The Naughty List This Year

Sometimes it's hard to be a good boy!

1. This little puppy who thinks ornaments = toys.

2. And this lady who was caught red-handed eating all the holiday cards.

3. This pal who didn't even let the tree last a week.

4. This guy who is trying to distract you from the fact that a bauble is hanging from his tooth.

5. This troublemaker who just couldn't resist a good chew.

6. And this little lady who left a poop for you under the tree.

7. This puppy who started out with the intention of helping you clean before your party, and then had a little too much fun with the feather duster.

8. And this dog whose weakness is tinsel. Always with the tinsel.

9. This "angel" who chewed a hole through a perfectly good pair of winter jammies.

10. And this scoundrel who snuck into the underwear drawer while everyone was decorating.

11. This dude who got his paws on the family's Elf on a Shelf.

12. And this pal who was just looking for Santa in the chimney, really thoroughly.

13. This fluffball who couldn't resist the comparable fluffiness of his human's robe.

14. And this puppy who has resorted to eating the tree.

15. This guy who doesn't really know what the heck happened.

16. This puppy who had a heyday with a wicker basket.

17. And this baby who has had his eye on those napkins since Thanksgiving.

18. This little lady who was just taking the boot for a quick spin.

19. This dog who thought that maybe becoming one with the Christmas tree was a good idea, but is kind of regretting that idea now.

20. This guilty party who would've tried to eat the cake you'd have made with those eggs, anyway.

21. And this tangled-up pup who was just so into the holiday spirit, he couldn't control himself!

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