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    21 Cats Who Don't Realize How Dumb They Look

    They're just being themselves.

    1. This adventurer who got in over his head.

    2. This cat who just likes to boop woodland creatures rather than hunt them.

    "Hello my friend, be not afraid, I only want to boop you."

    3. This angel who needs to really examine how she is spending her time, and assess whether or not it's productive.

    4. This cat who is so close, yet so far.

    5. This acrobat who still has a lot to learn about acrobatics.

    6. And this dude who needs a lil' help. / Via

    But not before snagging the pic.

    7. Kyle.

    8. This dude straight chillin'.

    Not a care in the world.

    9. Every cat on catnip.

    Gave my cat some catnip and he's been laying like this for 2 hours

    10. And literally any time a cat does this. (What are your little paws hoping to accomplish???)

    11. This trooper, who is not all that into the whole "eating healthy" idea.

    12. This kitty who thinks her chosen nap spot is perfect and doesn't understand the haters.

    13. And this cat in a FRIGGIN' HOODIE.


    14. This tiny baby dreaming of driving a car.

    Twitter: @taykrulou

    Maybe one day, lil' guy.

    15. This dude claiming his throne and budging for no one.

    16. This cat who isn't really sure how her new bed works.

    17. This sourpuss.

    18. And this recently shaven fluff caught in the act.

    19. This cat who thinks he is a lizard.

    20. This speed racer fueling up.

    21. And finally, this "inbred" cat who has no clue at all how silly he looks lounging in bread, but doesn't really care in the least.

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