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19 Pieces Of Shitty Taxidermy That Sum Up Your 2015

They're kind of a mess, but so was your year.

1. At the start of 2015, you were ready to take on the world.

2. You were ready for the New Year, New You.

3. Then you realized in February that not much changed and life was still pretty shitty.

4. The Dress happened and for at least two days, this was you ready join any conversation and give your input on it's colors.

5. You looked back at your New Year's resolution in April and realized at this point, it was all out the window.

6. So you and your best friend got way too drunk and had deep talks about life.

7. You realized you are a majestic, sexy beast that people should be tripping over themselves trying to meet.

8. And so you updated your Tinder profile and decided to be more open to new experiences.

9. You begrudgingly realized you find Justin Bieber decently attractive.

10. And you watched in stunned terror as Donald Trump progressed in his campaign.

11. At one point, you might've gotten a raise or found $10 in your pocket, and you were ROLLIN' IN IT.

12. Things started looking up, and you were ready to take on the world once again.

13. But taxes and rent and adult things were ever-present. You tried to stay strong.

14. You held onto summer like it was your own child trying to leave their nest.

15. By October, you were about five seconds from going insane.

16. You lost faith in humanity when the Starbucks Red Cup Debacle of 2015 broke out.

17. But pretty soon, the holiday cheer seeped into your grouchy outlook and you started ~feelin' it~.

18. You took a moment to think long and hard about this mess of a year, and realize you've got a whole new one to look forward to.

19. And here you are, ready for all the 2016 has to offer!!!