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    19 Lucky People You Would Rather Be Right Now

    They've got it pretty good.

    1. This lucky girl having the best nap in the history of naps.

    2. Or this sophisticated individual lounging in a bubble bath with some pizza rolls.

    3. A student in this art class.

    4. The owner of these Ziploc bags of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

    5. Or this person who has made a small investment in household cheese.

    6. This leader of a pack of fluffy angels.

    7. THIS BOY.


    8. This woman being cuddled by a baby seal.

    9. And this baby with her personal concert.

    10. The owner of this coffee mug that apparently comes with its own set of baby chicks to keep it warm.

    11. This old lady who DGAF and doesn't have to.

    12. This lucky duck who got an extra cookie.

    13. This kid just friggin' going for it.

    14. Or the people enjoying this "Soup of the Day."

    15. This gentleman casually holding a SMILING, FLUFFY, BABY COW.

    16. Or this "god among mortals."

    17. This man who achieved the impossible.

    18. Or this girl who won the 2-pack Starburst Lottery.

    19. And finally, this teacher who has the best job in the whole world.