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18 Badass Wolfdogs In All Their Majestic Glory

Wolf + Dog = Magnificence

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1. Let's take a moment and reflect upon how badass wolfdogs are.

2. And how they so perfectly mix being cute and being hardcore at the same time.

3. Adventuring across the country, livin' life to the fullest.

4. Even baby wolfdogs look fierce as ever.

5. Except when they are sleeping. Then they are the cuddliest of all.

6. And the bigger they are, the cuddlier they become.

7. Next to other dogs, their coolness radiates with a lot of intensity.

8. And in a pack, it's almost too much to handle.

9. Just look at these two buds. They're cooler than any humans you know.

10. And definitely more adorable.

11. They make the best adventure pals.

Instagram: @agirlandherwolfdog

12. Because they're up for anything that involves being in the Great Outdoors.

13. Honestly, they just look natural on beautiful mountainsides.

14. And when there's a job to be done or a stick to be fetched, they're ON IT.

15. Just look at the determination on his tiny face!

16. Whether they're well-behaved tourists just seeing the sights...

Instagram: @lupo_on_the_road

17. ...or mischievous rascals covered in mud, wolfdogs are friggin' cool.



Not all of the dogs in this post are wolfdogs; some may be Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, or other mixes.

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