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18 Times Dogs Didn't Try To Hide Their Feelings

And why should they?

1. When this guy was definitely not pleased about being dropped off at the vet.

2. When this dog really didn't like sharing.

3. When this lady farted and wasn't all that ashamed.

4. When this dog was hungry and just couldn't wait any longer.

5. When this dog REALLY didn't like the sound of your friend's voice.

6. When this dog was SO MAD and wanted the WHOLE WORLD to know.

7. When this pup was heartbroken and betrayed because she didn't have a cool new bed too.

8. When this princess knew she was royalty and wasn't afraid to be proud of it.

9. When this angel understood he was allowed on the table but was too scared to enjoy it.

10. When this dog didn't care about keeping her cool.

11. When having to go out in the rain REALLY disheveled this little lady.

12. When this pooch just wanted to share his optimism!

13. When this dog wasn't embarrassed about wanting his paw held.

14. When this dog didn't believe your excuse for canceling plans last night.

15. When this dog took a stand against The Man.

16. When this guy was very disappointed in how late you came home after promising to do some work around the house.

17. When this dog was truly unhappy with the cold temperatures.

18. And finally, when this puppy was just so happy to be here and couldn't contain it!