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18 Realities Of Being A Giant Ball Of Fluff

Samoyed is synonymous for fluffball.

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1. "As a Giant Ball of Fluff, it's my job to always be happy and make other people happy."

2. "Sometimes people are shocked that I'm not a stuffed animal."

3. "I'm always ready for a photo opportunity."

4. "And I am always ready to cuddle."

6. "It's not that easy to ~lay low~, even when I put on my shades."

7. "As a Giant Ball of Fluff, I am ALWAYS comfy-cozy, wherever I may be."

8. "But it's a myth that Giant Balls of Fluff don't enjoy a good cuddly blanket too."

9. "And despite the fluff, I can still be TOUGH."

10. "People on the beach often mistake me for a low-hanging cloud."

11. "When I dress up, it's a little hard to see under the fluff."

12. "When I frolic a little too much in the sweet outdoors, everybody knows it because my fluff shows it."

13. "I love the snow, because my giant fluff keeps me SO WARM."

14. "The only thing different about my baby pictures is that my fluff circumference was smaller."

15. "Sometimes people forget I have other talents besides being fluffy. Like singing!"

16. "Also long-boarding, although my fluff can be hard to balance with."

17. "And it's certainly NOT fun when I have to take a bath."

18. "But at the end of the day, being a Giant Ball of Fluff is pretty great."

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