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18 Puppy Head Tilts That Will Melt Even The Iciest Of Hearts

Nobody can withstand the power of a puppy head tilt.

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1. This puppy who just learned her name and heard you calling it.

2. This guy struggling to grasp the concept of FaceTime.

3. This little pug.

4. This pup proving your head doesn't have to be angular to execute a good head tilt.

5. This small baby who wants to play more before going to bed.

6. This tiny fluff exploring this new world.

7. This lil' boxer with his perfect 90 degree head tilt.

8. This little pal truly perplexed by science.

9. And this nugget giving you a head tilt in exchange for belly rubs.

10. This champ who has only gotten better at the tilt over the years.

11. And this truly wonderful display of tiltage.

12. This intrigued ball of wrinkles.

13. This Xtreme Double Head Tilt.

14. And this Xtreme Double Head Tilt: Fluffy Edition!

15. This concerned-looking fellow.

16. This accusatory head tilt/Cone of Shame combo.

17. This beautiful head tilt progression in action.

18. And finally, this bundle of puppies being absolute wiggly delights!

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