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18 Dogs Who Are So Confused By The World

The human world is a confusing one.

1. This little guy who doesn't really understand glass just yet.

2. This dog who is truly flummoxed by his new vest.

3. This golden who has made a very big mistake.

4. This guy who is still working on depth perception.

5. This little lady wondering why it got dark all of a sudden.

6. This big dude who was just trying to understand the lay of the land.

7. This guy who can't for the life of him get to his toy.

8. This puppy perplexed by elasticity.

9. This dog who has just discovered puppies.

10. And this guy, not too pleased with the tiny, mysterious furballs closing in on him.

11. This poor baby who will have to keep working on building a relationship with cats.

12. Both of these pups grappling with the concept of size.

13. This puppy and his first time experiencing a leash.

14. And this dog who still isn't on board with the "let's go on a walk" idea yet.

15. This dog who isn't really sure how to remedy the situation she's in.

16. This dog who is VERY suspicious of the creature eating his food.

17. These pugs who aren't quite sure what they're lookin' at.

18. And these puppies, generally confused about a lot of things.