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    18 Adorable Animals Who Will Take Your Mind Off Of Things

    Responsibilities? What are those?

    1. This little wallaby with his favorite toy.

    2. This incredibly stylish pup.

    My heart just melted, this is the cutest thing ever😭😭😍

    3. This bird who got special shoes made for his deformed feet.

    4. This piggy doing important gardening work.

    5. This troublemaker testing his boundaries.

    6. And this crazy train comin' straight into town.

    7. This mischievous kitten being a complete distraction.

    8. These spectacularly fluffy bunnies.

    9. This polite New York City resident.

    10. And this kitten eating a tiny stack of pancakes.

    11. This brindle baby with the sweetest eyes in the world.

    12. These beauties who found love in a hopeless place.

    13. This confident lil' parakeet.

    14. And this party animal.

    15. This kitty who didn't want to be left at home.

    16. These llamas who aren't camera-shy in the slightest.

    17. This puppy not so sure what to think of his new friend.

    18. And finally, this tiny and fuzzy baby otter!