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    Updated on Sep 14, 2018. Posted on Sep 12, 2016

    17 Times Toddlers Were The Opposite Of Terrible

    AKA the not-so-terrible twos.

    Although the toddler years are called the Terrible Twos (and let's be real, the Terrible Threes exist too), there ARE times when these little humans are actually the best humans.

    1. Like this escalator greeter sharing happiness.

    2. Or this excited two-year-old on her very first day of school.

    her first day of school ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    3. And this guy who has already learned how to love himself and isn't afraid to show it.

    Rose Bennett / Twitter: @SleeplesssInKy

    4. This friendly stranger, just looking out for everyone.

    5. This amazing and generous artist.

    6. And Carter.

    7. This little girl who just couldn't stay mad while wearing her squeaky shoes.

    8. And this lil' lady embracing her powers at an early age.

    9. This emotional little boy meeting his garbage men heroes for the first time.

    Ollie Kroner / Facebook: ollie.kroner

    10. And this absurdly stylish little angel who is already killing it on the modeling scene, for obvious reasons.

    You can follow him on Instagram here.

    11. This toddler who loved a personal injuries lawyer's commercials so much that the lawyer was the theme of his birthday party.

    Courtesy of Lโ€™erin Dobra

    12. This little dude making new friends in unexpected places.

    13. And this toddler who simply tried their best.

    14. This amazed baby discovering automatic doors for the first time.

    15. And this tiny expert on a giant horse, not even a little afraid.

    16. This lil' bb so happy to be dressed as her BFF.

    17. And finally, this little girl who just loves making new friends everywhere she goes.

    You gotta watch 'til the end. Trust me.

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