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17 Times Teenagers Were Not The Worst

Maybe it's not so bad that these kids will be the next adults.

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1. These high schoolers who are proud to have a Lettuce Club.

2. This boy and his little duck.

3. This girl who found her own way to get to school.

4. And this beautiful young lady who took ingenuity a step further and designed and hand-made her own prom dress.

5. This guy who helped a nervous little girl learn to skateboard.

Jeanean Thomas

6. This brave Muslim teen who stood in Central London with a sign asking for hugs.

And let your heart be filled, because she got plenty of them!

7. This badass kid who makes his own chain mail.

8. And this one who gives haircuts and has quite the loyal customer base.

9. This thoughtful classmate.

10. This girl who fearlessly took Pringles to homecoming.

11. And this kid with his fish date.

12. This kid and his new friend who supported his love of dolphins.

13. And this public speaker who is going places.

14. This boy who worked hard and saved up money to buy every girl in school a rose for Valentine's Day.

Hayden Godfrey / Facebook
Hayden Godfrey / Facebook

15. This aspirational musician.

16. These kids who tricked teachers into thinking they were having a real fight.

Watch the full senior prank video here!

17. And finally, this aspiring filmmaker who compiled a video of the exact moment she told people they are beautiful.

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