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17 Times Some Dogs Were Just Smarter Than Others

They're not all going to be the brightest in the bunch.

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1. When this guy used a diversion to get what he wanted:

2. When this guy understood the difference between a curtain and a window:

3. When this dog proved that fences don't keep ALL dogs out:

4. When this pup saw an opportunity and didn't waste any time taking it:

5. Or when this newfie had an even sneakier tactic:

6. When this lady realized they were at the vet, not the dog park:

7. When this collection of corgis knew how to play fetch a little better than their pal:


8. When this dog knew to jump OVER the hedge:

9. When this dog's pose was a little more graceful:

10. When this genius knew how to get the most treats:

11. When this dog was a good student despite how uncool the others thought school was:

12. When Walter just wasn't here for the childish naivety of Max:

13. When this dog was REALLY convincing at playing dead.

14. When this pal saw right through the trickery, but his brother didn't:

15. When this dude couldn't even deal with his friend licking the chair:

16. When this Chihuahua's friend watched him get stuck in the fence, and waited patiently for the perfect moment to escape:

"See ya, sucker."

17. And finally, when this dog really knew how to appreciate life:

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