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17 Times The Animal Kingdom Summed Up Being Single

It's a jungle out there.

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1. When you walk into a bar and there are an excessive amount of hot people around you:



2. When you really question things:

3. When you're in the IDGAF frame of mind:

4. But your friends still try to get you to meet people:

5. When you find out your crush is in a relationship:

6. Or when they decide to jump on the relationship train without you:

7. And then when your options are suddenly open wide:

8. When you're playing it cool in front of your crush but your heart is beating out of control:

"It's fine, I'm fine."

9. Or when you're trying to show them how invested you are in what they are saying:

10. When you talk to someone of interest without being awkward at all:


11. When people ask if there's someone special in your life and you're like "yes, me.":

12. And then when they feel bad for you because of it:

13. When you realize everyone is pairing up:

14. And when you're feeling ~lonely~ and someone expresses the slightest interest:


15. When your friends tell you someone's bad for you but you still try to flirt on the DL:

16. And when you decide being single isn't all that bad:

17. Because life is one heck of a ride and you're doing fine on your own:

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